The Association of Chilean Language Schools Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ACHELE) – was founded in 2010 with the intention of joining the forces of the best schools in the sector to regulate our activities in common, thus giving guarantees to our clients and ensuring fair competition, developing cooperation between our members to achieve an ever-increasing number of students of Spanish in Chile.


All the member schools of ACHELE guarantee the highest quality of their courses, accommodation and related tourist services. These guarantees include: To be established as a company in line with Chilean legislation. To have the necessary minimum of infrastructure to provide the resources to guarantee the quality of the activities. To offer group and individual Spanish classes all year round, […]

Language Travel tourism

The Association of Chilean Language Schools Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, ACHELE, is understood to be the organization which represents the businesses active in the sector of language teaching that understands teaching Spanish to foreigners, both residents and tourists, as a service in the framework of so-called “language travel tourism”. This description recognizes that a large proportion of our […]

Student’s Defender

In the case that there may occur a conflict between a student and the school, not resolved in the first instance by the school, the Association has a conflict resolution mechanism. The ‘Student’s Defender’ will intervene if required to do so by the student, as an independent body with the power to mediate in the conflict and resolve it. All […]